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"Thank you so much for facilitating the “Chess for All Ages” session at TC(Re)Unites!

We've heard rave reviews about your session and would like to share a photo essay about the day, along with some photos of your session here (If you’d like 

I’d like to share my personal gratitude to you, which helped bring together TC alumni, students, faculty, staff, and neighbors together like never before."      -Matthew J. Camp, Ph.D., Director of Government Relations & Community Engagement

Thanks for a wonderful time.

It was great seeing a group of teenagers who are passionate with teaching and helping others learn the game. My kids really enjoyed the event and inspired to be like them.

Ethan and Emery had so much fun! Looking forward to more upcoming chess events!"

-Tiffany Ching Leung

“This isn’t checkers, it’s chess.” And every time I hear people say that it makes it seem like there’s a lot more thought involved in chess. There's a lot more strategy. you have to be very patient, you have to be very forward thinking.

So when I saw that we had a chess session at Teachers College, I thought, “I need to attend because I know

that there’s a certain person that plays chess and I wanted to be surrounded by those people."

-Lorenzo Johnson, Jr. , M. Ed.

Int’l. Baccalaureate Integrated Teacher · Global Community Charter School

"It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you." 

-Janice Robinson, J.D., Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs

Associate Professor of Higher Education; TC Title IX Coordinator

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