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I had my twins (8 years old) Alexander and Willow to the Somers library chess lesson and they had a blast.  The one-on-one attention was wonderful, and everyone was so helpful so please keep it up! We hope that we can sit down with Jack again, or any of the great teachers at the next session in Mahopac. 

Please keep us posted!

-The Gerosa Family

Chess In 1 Day

Chessin1Day is a volunteer teen chess instruction initiative in New York and Connecticut. We offer K-12th grade students, families and guardians a free and fast immersion into the game. Although chess is perceived as complex to learn-- we've developed a method that activates players in just one meet-up. Our classes are held at local libraries, with  champion rated teen instructors who love to teach. We also provide follow-up lessons and vetted resources for students to gain further game mastery.

We have taught over 245 students chess in libraries and community service centers, and trained 21 instructors in the Chessin1Day method. The Chessin1day team brings the joy and benefits of chess wherever we go!

Serving Communities Across NY & CT.

Your program at the Somers
Library was a big hit!
Terre Thomas,
Librarian, Somers, NY

Engaging Students  // Free Enrichment //  Relatable Teen Instructors // Hands on Instruction  // Fun & Stimulating // Life Skills

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