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"The kids can't wait until the next class!  We are so thankful to you!"

"Thank you so much for hosting a chess class for the kids at the New Canaan library yesterday. We really appreciate your time for the kids! My son loved it! He rarely gets to play with other kids. Usually it’s the computer and sometimes me."
 -Donald H., New Canaan, CT

  "I would like to share how much fun Dylan and I had at your 'learn to play chess in one day' program.  Dylan has been playing games on chess,com ever since!  I would like to thank you for teaching us all and inspiring us to continue learning.  We would love to see more!!"

- Danika Matthews

Mahopac, NY


Laurel A. 

Jack A.

Arjan K.

Nihaal K.

Wyatt P.

Liam M.

Max I.

Joe F.

Rylan J.

Lachlan M.

Leah C.

Linnea G.

Henrik G.

Marlayna K.

Iris W.

Christian X.

Jake N.

Dash G-L.

Salman M.

Andy P.

Hanna Z.

Max L.

Ben C.

Abhi P.

Serena E.

Nikki C.

Jack C.

Robert H

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Ms. Cindy, Mahopac's Librarian says...

Particpants' say...

Stella and I had a great time at the chess class at the Library. Will there be another group class? 


Ms. Mantilia 
New Canaan Library, CT

Eric M. 

Matheo P.

John C.

Tyler S.

Aiden W.

Aaryan G.

James D.

Charles K.

Gavin K.

Jackson J.

Adriana P.

Chas G.

Emily W.

Chehan S.

Japjot S.

Colin D.

Eugene C.

Heidi G. 

Donald M.

Harmony H.

Mike I.


Michaela L.

Semaj C.

Jocier V.

Ethan l.

Elia O.

Volunteer Instructors
Students come from all over
Fairfield and Westchester Counties
-Even NYC to Chessin1day!
Stella and I had a great time at the chess class at the library!
-C. Mantilia, CT

Thank you again for the fabulous chess classes this summer! (Not sure if you saw--we posted some photos from your class on the library's Facebook page, with a link to your website.) We've had a bunch of families who participated over the summer asking when you'd be back, and I know that additional families are interested as well!  
-New Canaan Library, CT

Thank you so much! My youngest had so much fun and is now obsessed. He wants to play chess everyday.

-Xiomara Gonzalez, Somers, NY

I just received a beautiful testimonial from your last chess class:


"What a wonderful experience for my 6.5 yr old

grandson! I booked this on a whim to surprise 

his “Grampsie” who loves to play chess. We 

now have a chess set that travels with us on a

daily basis.  He’s chomping at the bit to have

another lesson at the library."

Gayle Mimnaugh (Grayson’s GG)

-Ms.Rebecca,Assistant Manager of Family Services,

New Canaan Library,CT

Great news--both sessions of your chess program (June & July)

have filled up completely! They were among the very first

programs to do so!

-Ms. Rebecca

Assistant Manager of Family Services,

New Canaan, CT


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